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What have we enjoyed! We the Visser family from V. An oasis of peace radiated to us in your beautiful holiday home with private swimming pool, from the first to the last day. The olive tree smiles at you with all the birds the most beautiful butterflies and dragonflies. In the evening the crickets and frogs do their best, and with a glass of wine in your hand you see the beautiful things of life. Wonderfully rested and with the scent of lavender in our nose we return home. And when we get home, we grab that last bottle of French wine, but it tastes different ...
E and L Visser
Dear Geerdink family, This year we were able to enjoy your beautiful villa for the 3rd time! The first weekend we especially enjoyed the Tour de France, which was here for 3 days. Afterwards we have done some cycling routes ourselves, enjoyed your swimming pool and made walks on the dike. Unfortunately, these 2 weeks have flown by and we are already returning to Belgium. Thank you for renting your villa. We wish the following guests a pleasant stay. Regards,
Fam. De B Veerle-Chris-Evelien-Kurt-Lore-Brecht
Dear Geerdink family, In 1 word "fantastic". A superb house, with everything on it. Great swimming pool, top garden. Fantastic weather. Nice environment, friendly people. Overall a great week. We will definitely come back. Greetings from Zwolle,
Jan, Roel, Saskia, John, Frank, Irein
We fully agree with the previous writers. It is a nice and comfortable house in a beautiful location. We were six but did not get in each other's way. Kudos to the people at the reception: our daughter had a toothache and a certain Bruno has been calling around for fifteen minutes to find a dentist during the holidays. A household note: we were scooping up some rubbish from the bottom of the pool when the landing net broke off. That will therefore have to be replaced. With the exception of 2 cloudy mornings have had beautiful weather all week. In short: a holiday that we will remember with great pleasure !!
Ferdi L and kids
Dear Geerdink family, This year we were able to enjoy your beautiful villa for the 3rd time! The first weekend we especially enjoyed the Tour de France, which was here for 3 days. Afterwards we have done some cycling routes ourselves, enjoyed your swimming pool and made walks on the dike. Unfortunately, these 2 weeks have flown by and we are already returning to Belgium. Thank you for renting your villa. We wish the following guests a pleasant stay. Regards,
Fam. De B Veerle-Chris-Evelien-Kurt-Lore-Brecht
Well, what do you write in a guestbook if so many praising words have already been uttered by the previous "residents"? Without falling into clichés? In any case that no word is exaggerated. We enjoyed a holiday "from the book", which soon created the feeling of a "home". Certainly for a family with small children, all the ingredients are there for a successful holiday: many options in the area; a top swimming pool, which did not lead to unsafe situations with our children aged 1 or 4; 2 weeks of good weather with only 1 day of rain and strong wind; An unquestionably comfortable holiday home, with an eye for details and possibilities (books, BBQ, audio / video editing, internet, PS2, toys, patio heater, fat boy, etc.) We have daily (despite the possibilities in the Villa) nice trips made. Certainly recommended are: making a bike ride through the area (child seats can be rented at the reception) visiting Nantes Ocedrium in Croisic (quite a drive) Bird Observatory with walk through adjacent salt fields in Marzis Ile Penotte and Sables. Hiking in the Forêt Domiuiste d’Olonne Sit outside at the end of the day with a grand-cru swim and barbecue. In the evening it cools down a bit, but thanks to the safe electric patio heater it is a good place to be. An empty gas cylinder for the barbecue can be exchanged for € 13 at, among others, the gas station of supermarket Géant or at the small supermarket huit à 8. The instructions are in the information folder of La Dolce Vita. With a little luck, on the terrace, next to the dozens of snails, another lizard, a large toad, a frog or a hedgehog will pass by. Up to now, we have never been to the same holiday address twice, because we enjoyed widening the horizon. La Dolce Vita could become an exception ... Thanks for the hospitality and greetings to Fam. Geerdink,
J, BJ, J, and E C from W
Dear Geerdink family, Our vacation is over, May 23 we will leave for the Netherlands. It flew over, these 14 days, and then you actually already know enough. If something flies in, then you are having a good time. Now we had that. May 9 we drove into Les Sables d’Olonne at about half past one and soon we saw: Les Jardins du Chateau d'Olonne nr 114. At the reception we received an explanation and then you are so curious, what does it look like, and then suddenly there it stood: "La Dolce Vita" From the first moment we had a good feeling. Our children arrived at 4 pm. Our daughter with her husband with the two sons, Joep 4 months, Hidde 2 years. Then the circle was complete. From the first to the last moment we enjoyed the French life. Lots of swimming, cycling, golf, and delicious food. We have not seen everything yet and we are definitely planning on coming back again. Sincerely,
Grandparents E and L V, our children and grandchildren
Our first vacation in France. The language is difficult, but with a lot of patience and hands and footwork it went well. We enjoyed the house and the swimming pool a lot. Everything was clean, delicious! The pool was great for the kids. A small hose had also found the pool. We saved it and released it by the tail. The weather was great. Regards,
Family B
Dear Geerdink Family, Arrived Saturday at villa La Dolce Vita. We really enjoyed the villa. The photos on the site do not lie. In reality everything is the same !! In terms of weather, we were a little less affected at the start of the week. Temperature is okay, but a lot of wind and rain. But now these last days it makes a lot of good again. We have taken a walk along the coast. A day at the Decouverte du Marais Poitevin Maillezais. And we also visited the Zoo des Sables d’Olonne. Furthermore, delicious enjoyed being all here. The Villa is highly recommended! Greetings
Richard, Annegrit, Henk and Marieke (Friesland)
Dear Geerdink Family For two weeks we enjoyed your beautiful villa and we visited the area of ​​the Atlantic every evening. Lovely to get a breath of fresh air and walk past. A holiday to remember with pleasure. And certainly worth repeating!
Cor en Marja van S. Amsterdam
Bonjour family Geerdink! Two days before we return to Ede, we can rightly say that we already enjoy 3 gods in France! Her is a nice place here in the Villa, really equipped with all conveniences, even with a little girl of 10 months. She enjoyed the swimming pool (first time) and the outdoor games and we ourselves? Well, we didn't enjoy that. At most of the somewhat drizzly first week, but that made up for the second week with plenty of sun and pool weather! Really lucky with the weather in September. Trips made to, among others, Saint Gilles-Croix de Vie what a nice picture. Les Sables was also great, good food on the beach "le Club de Sable" with sunset. What more do you really want recommended. We always had no problems with parking. If we come here again, we don't have to think long about the accommodation. Well tomorrow one last vacation day ahead of us, we hope for another afternoon sun but you only know when the time has come, we have learned ... .. and then pack the bags and back to home sweet home, that you are only long enjoy your villa. PS a tip for the inventory a grill pan with so many delicious fresh fish but a grill pan always comes in handy. The only thing that we have missed a bit, is not so bad. Cordial greetings. Comment Fam Geerdink: We have since purchased a fish pan and a generous frying pan and a crepe pan, as well as some tools to make a fish ready and clean.
I, M & R from F
We thoroughly enjoyed our vacation for 14 days. The house has all the luxury and sitting in the garden at the edge of the pool is pure enjoyment. Enjoy the peace, the privacy, the scent of lavender, the beautiful skies (and changes therein), the wide faces and the clear starry sky in the evening even the milky way is visible, the beaches in the area are beautiful, the currents especially very treacherous in strong winds (at Bourgenay, two were rescued from a turbulent sea in the nick of time). Les Sables itself is very difficult to find a parking space there, all in all we had quite a lot of sun and now there are temperatures up to 27 C, in the evening it is already cooling down a bit. Wonderful to experience the peace and space here. All in all a super holiday wonderfully charged now charged again now to Harderwijk. Thank you for staying here. Perhaps we would like to come back here to just live here again as "God" in France.
J,A, M and T J from H
At the moment we are sitting on the terrace enjoying the last French sun rays (October !!!) We had three fantastic weeks, with equally fantastic weather. We can agree with all previous reports, we are just as enthusiastic as everyone else and we will definitely get homesick, but that is part of it. We are already making nice plans for next year because we will definitely be back to this place and this house. It will be a short night early and then on our way to "our own" island of Terschelling. We hope to see you next year! Sincerely. Fam Geerdink comment: thanks for De Schylger Jutters-Bitter that was a wonderful surprise, we enjoyed it !!
I en H B
It was the first time we spent our vacation in the Vendee, we were surprised by the versatility of this area. Nature is beautiful: Beautiful beaches, rugged rocks and wonderful forests. Les Sables also has many different faces. The boulevard in particular is grand and unique! Every evening there were 4 to 5 acts at different locations. In our first holiday week we visited La Rochelle; more than an hour away but a great trip. The canoeing in Les Salinnes is also recommended. Who breaks our national record of national record of 60 minutes to the bridge and back? The aquarium is beautiful but before you know it you are outside again. The Hypodrome is a great course, in particular the trot races are fun to see last Thursday, two Dutch pikers Erik Dracht came in second, but Jan van Dooierwaard was able to return to Hoofddorp late at night without a cash prize. The biggest highlight of the holiday was the fantastic villa: what a luxury is thought of everything. Compliments for your wonderful garden. Too bad it was a little too late at night to make it through late. Tomorrow we are going to stop here and we will have a few days in Paris. Family Geerdink, we enjoyed your hospitality. Have fun in the future. Comment by Fam Geerdink: In the meantime, we have provided a stainless steel patio heater so that you can continue to finish for longer ... look forward to seeing you! (there is now electric infrared patio heater)
P,R,J,B and D K
Everything is still dark and everyone is still asleep. Not us, we'll be heading back to the Netherlands, Overijssel in a minute. We had a wonderful holiday. The house was very pleasant and the garden beautiful. I am still a bit sleepy at the moment but still wanted to put a small note in the guestbook. This region, the Vendee, was new to us. As far as I am concerned, worth the effort to come back. Not as busy as the Cote d’Azur. You can enjoy cycling here. We have also rented bicycles and have certainly been cycling to the North (plus minus 40 km) and to the South (plus minus 20 km). The South in particular was very nice. In the evenings we often went for a drink in Les Sables d’Olonne, even then the bikes were very easy, because parking there was rather difficult. At the harbor there are all kinds of cozy restaurants and you are regularly surprised by musicians and the like. Thank you it was nice to go home to our dear dog that we really missed. Comment Fam Geerdink: it's great that you enjoyed taking your dog with you from now on!
Fam N from H
After a long journey the children immediately jumped into the pool and we had already forgotten the journey. The garden was in full bloom, the lavender smells really delicious! The Villa is comfortable, clean and equipped with all conveniences. The first four days the weather was great swimming in the sea and of course in the pool. Wednesday it rained and we went to the sea aquarium. We have been on the road a lot. We are no longer burned (that is what we want here) and we are going to accept a nice tan on the return trip. Thanks for the stay and the people who still come here a lot of sun and just enjoy.
F, F, N, F and T
Fam Geerdink These 3 weeks have flown in again, it is lovely here the garden is the most beautiful in the park we have been to the Vendee before and it still pleases. We are always discovering new things We have enjoyed! PS a new cutting board is not a luxury Comment Fam Geerdink: the cutting board has been replaced and we have also immediately bought a wooden cutting board for cheese with a matching fine cheese knife
Rob en Margreet S
We had a wonderful week. We enjoyed the fantastic garden and the great house. The mild climate with the wonderful sea breeze is great. The park is a delight to rest and the swimming pool with a lot of privacy a pleasure to be in. We enjoyed ourselves very much in the area and in the various restaurants where we were served an excellent multi-course menu for a reasonable price. A suggestion is "le petit Castor" within walking distance of the park. The restaurant "le Ferme Villeneuve" is highly recommended. In Les Sables d 'Ollonne we have let ourselves be pampered by the chef in the restaurant “l’Affiche” at the fishing port, the address is Quai Guinné 21 (parking the car at the Casino at the port mouth). The interior of the Villa is particularly beautiful with lovely love seats to relax completely and enjoy each other or the beautiful LCD TV with a range of Dutch channels. Oh yes and for the home cookers and fish lovers in Les Sables near the swimming pool at the end of the boulevard is a covered market, "les Halles" a small version of "the Halls" in Paris. Fam Geerdink comment: Thank you for your response.
HJ and M
This holiday was the first time in the Vendée. Until now we have always been to Languedoc, Provence or Cote d'Azur. What a fantastic and peaceful environment this is. Les Sables is in no way inferior to the large seaside resorts on the Mediterranean. A few days halfway through the holidays we had less weather but then we just went out. Anyway there is no arrow on the weather. In the morning it can be drizzly cloudy and in the afternoon you are already in the sun in the swimming pool. Your Villa is really very comfortable, the Dutch channels are nice for our daughter lying on the Fatboy and the garden looks really beautiful. Your lot is really the best in terms of privacy in the park! We are definitely planning on coming back to the Vendée and who knows in 'La Dolce Vita'! Greetings,
M,M and C from D.
Thank you for your hospitality in your luxury holiday home during the past 2 weeks. For our children it was the first holiday outside the Netherlands. They loved it: nice and warm swimming pool, getting their own bread by pointing it out, finally being able to thank the people with Merci and enjoying the wild Atlantic Ocean, getting used to a different rhythm of life and trying out new flavors. The area has offered us more than enough entertainment. We parents also enjoyed our stay here. We would like to come back in the future. Regards,
M,M.L, J and S H
We have enjoyed the last 10 days of your holiday villa and the beautiful weather. It was our first holiday with three of us, since we had a son at the beginning of this year. So this was very exciting to go on vacation now. When we arrived here it immediately felt like coming home, everything was clean and incredibly beautiful. The children's supplies such as bed, high chair and playpen were also present. The great Enjoyment (with capital letter) could begin. We have therefore done little outside the park because it was nice to be at `our` own swimming pool that was nice and warm thanks to the free solar collectors. Our son could sleep in his own bed so everything was perfect. The weather was fantastic from the day we arrived it pulled all the way open until today (our last day). We wish you good luck and pleasure in your Villa and hopefully we may use it again because we will certainly advertise it in the Netherlands. Thanks!
Y, C, and H S
We had a great time here and we will be back in September! A new restaurant has been added on the coastal road towards the center: Anguila Beach you can eat there delicious and the prices are normal and the staff are very friendly. As a Dutchman you of course always have to complain and this also applies here. Note that a tumble dryer would be very nice, but without this dryer you can also get through the holiday here (see this note as a joke ..). You can also play golf here. Talmont is more than worth a visit. La Rochelle is a nice place for a day trip but the most attractive is the boulevard. Nice terraces, restaurants. We have used the grill plate regularly. In short: we are wonderfully rested and are already looking forward to our return to this beautiful villa in September. Greetings,
F en R en H en C
I immediately felt at home as soon as I stepped in. Bessel actually thought it was too Dutch, but I love it. Bessel starts to appreciate the house more and more, nice beds, nice swimming pool, quiet (only the rules of the park are a bit aggressive about € 20 fine if you do this € 20 fine if you do that but you can't help it ). Lovely couch, very nice garden with lots of privacy. Today we cycled wonderfully along the coast, beautiful !! That Fatboy sits and lies really well. I had already seen him in Velzen Zuid. If the rest of the week isn't going to give birth, I don't know anymore. PS suggestion place a Bidet (plenty of space and nice). Let me know that it has become a super week. Beautiful bike paths, we enjoyed and will definitely be back. Greetings
T en B van V from H
We had a nice week. Variable weather but still able to swim for a few days. We have been to Indian Forest indian forest - accrobranche - parcours d’adventure great for growing children! The garden is very beautiful, the lavender starts to open and it smells delicious. We enjoyed it again and look forward to the next time. It was a wonderful holiday week, with a very good temperature for the end of October and the beginning of November. We even visited the beach twice, which the children thought was fantastic and we also tried the swimming pool, but according to our oldest daughter it was still "ice cream". We have also experienced how things can and will be here in the coming years, because soon we will be living in house nr. And this week we have therefore spent very useful things. We have discussed the building options and so we have gained some ideas as a result of the stay in your floor, such as the connecting door, but only the second bathroom and your really beautiful bathroom tiles. Furthermore, the Fatboy really liked it (kids aged 2 and 4 thought that was wonderful) and the toys in your Villa too! We enjoyed it and hope to be able to do it again next time and wish the Fam. Geerdink have fun with their Villa and in the park and see you soon!
Fam K (E, E, A&A) and grandma and granpa
Had a wonderful week in the comfortable Villa. Great weather with temperatures above 20 degrees in September. The ocean was beautiful and worth a visit every day. A few evenings at the Boulevard, and then in your blouse on the bike along the illuminated boulevard back and the ocean of course was an experience every time. We have walked a lot, driven by car along the coast to La Rochelle (beautiful town) and St. Gilles Croix de Vie (beautiful beach), and lots of lazing around the pool (what a luxury). Too bad that the week passed so quickly. Ideal place to enjoy a week after summer. I write this at 5 pm on the terrace in the sun. Greetings,
C and L S from G.
We have enjoyed 3 weeks. The first was nice and sunny. The second was rainy. The third was beautiful again. The pool we used the first week 23 degrees but the other weeks the bath was 19 degrees Regards,
Fam C.
A wonderful holiday and a very beautiful Villa. We had a very good time. Reasonable weather beautiful skies and beaches. Perhaps worth repeating! Sincerely,
Fam B from E.
We have enjoyed our Villa for 2 weeks. Pleasantly surprised as the plants have grown since the end of May. The pool was certainly a wonderful temperature of 26 degrees the first week. The last days cooled by the rain. In the evening the sail over it helps. We went to Indian Forest with our children, where they can enjoy climbing trees and abseiling from tree to tree really fantastic. We also visited the mini golf course near the beach at Bourgenay. The children have cycled the whole piece. That was not easy on the way back due to the wind, but she succeeded. They found the botanical garden potage extraordinaire somewhat less. Furthermore, just enjoyed the pool and nicely equipped. We hope that the next guests will also enjoy it again. We have cleaned up the shed and put the barbecue back together. This may be used. There is charcoal to start but there is not much left. Have fun and enjoy it! Regards,
Fam. Geerdink
A beautiful bungalow with a wonderful swimming pool, living like God in France, literally becomes a saying. For us it became a real diaper holiday, so we have not undertaken much. The environment is therefore largely preserved for the next time. Everything was in perfect shape; if we needed anything from the front desk the service was rapide! Next time everything will be ready. We now wish you a very nice holiday. The sun is shining again! Unfortunately, it's over, 2 weeks in Villa La Dolce Vita! We now understand all the more what is meant by “Living as a God in France! We had a great time and also our 2.5 year old twins, especially the beach, the ocean, the zoo (not super big but very beautiful) and also the playground here at the park were very much appreciated. We liked the private swimming pool very well last day 25 degrees. There is a nice pool cover so that the water cools down by 1 degree at night. We wish everyone who is lucky enough to be able to stay here a happy holiday! We will come back in any case. Regards,
Fam. B, W, L & S P
We had the honor to be the first guests to stay in this beautiful house. Although not everything was completely finished, we still enjoyed it very much. The peace and quiet, the sounds of birds, frogs and crickets are very pleasant. We love visiting old castles and have been able to enjoy ourselves. We have visited Chateau la Guinardiere (castle and menhirs), the Donjon in Bazoges and Pareds, the castle of Noirmoutier, and a few more. The daughters particularly enjoyed the fact that Dutch is spoken in the park and that there are Dutch TV channels and that there is a Mc Donalds close to the large supermarkets. We wish everyone a pleasant stay here.
K, I, M and L.